How long does it take for skincare products to work?

Expecting instant gratification from skincare products will certainly cause disappointment. It’s not realistic to expect visible results in a night, or even in a week. So how long does it take for professional skincare products to work? The timeline to see results is entirely dependent on what kind of product you are using. It’s common to see results in 28-30 days which is a good rule of thumb.

Patience and consistency might be the main ingredient your skincare routine has been missing. One month is the typical skin cycle meaning turnover take about a month for a fresh skin cell to appear, mature, die, and shed — so generally after 28 days, every single skin cell on the surface of your face will have had a chance to experience the efficacy (or lack thereof) of the product(s) you’re using.

Products that contain retinoids, peptides, or growth factors can take up to three to four months to see the full effect, because they’re working on a deeper level. Glowing skin is achieved over time and allowing your skin adequate time to adjust to new products is essential. When a product doesn’t work for your skin on the first try — if it stings or causes redness on application — there’s no need to give it 28 days to wreak more havoc. The most immediate sign would be a burning or stinging sensation. It could be also the product ingredients are interfering with other products you are using in your regimen (especially if you’re mixing and matching different brands) or it could be you are over exfoliating your skin causing extra sensitivity.

Slow and steady is the way to go. If you are constantly changing, adding, and subtracting new products into your routine, you just aren’t giving your skin a chance to adjust or make progress. REMEMBER – with skincare, it is best to be consistent and patient, that’s the secret ingredient.